Shout Out to an Amazing Artist

I am always completely astonished at the sheer generosity of complete strangers but nonetheless when it happens it definitely gives me the warm and fuzzies. I had been working on putting together this blog but just wasn’t satisfied with the look and feel of it so I went on a google image search quest to see if I could find a picture for my header that was a more accurate depiction of how I viewed my life and more specifically one that illustrated how I felt about my boys.

What I found was absolute perfection because it was really like I had found my life imitating art and I just knew this design,  which I am proudly displaying on my blog header, was exactly what I was searching for.

I was so thrilled that the page that featured the design also linked me to the website of Anne Kelley, the artist and mastermind that created this design. So I scanned her site looking for some type of contact information to attempt reaching out to her. Jackpot! I found her email address and sent her a letter in which I told her about my boys having autism, that their nicknames are “Robot” and “Godzilla” and how her “Robotron” design was friggin AMAZING and that I had to find out if there was an inkling of a possibility if she would authorize me to use it as the header of the blog I was attempting to get off the ground.

I didn’t have much expectations if she would even respond to my email let alone allow me to display her art on my blog so I was pleasantly surprised when she actually wrote back and was willing to allow me to use it. However, there was a catch. Apparently she designed “Robotron” for a contest that Shirt.Woot was running which she won and they made a T-shirt out of it called “Robotron Wreaks Havoc“. Well that meant that Shirt.Woot owned the rights to the image but, incredibly, Anne went above and beyond and contacted the proper channels over at Shirt.Woot to see if they would allow an artist exemption which would give her the authority to grant me access to the design without any worries of copyright infringement.

When I read Anne’s email telling me that they said, YES, I literally jumped up from the computer and did a little happy dance because I was completely stoked. Anne was so kind and she even took her generosity to another level by creating the logo to depict the title and tagline of my Robotzilla blog. She also worked on adjusting the pixels and size so I could have an amazing header that displayed her art in its full glory which I’m so grateful for since there is no way I could have done it on my own.

So I really owe the very talented and wonderful artist, Anne Kelley, a tremendous, sincere, from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU!!! I also need to send my gratitude to Shirt.Woot for allowing this to come to fruition. Many, many thanks all around.


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