Hi! I’m Rivan. I am a stay at home mom to two young little boys who are as cute as buttons, deceptively precocious and ridiculously clever, amusing and super charming. They have the most infectious smiles and their laughter and giggles can fill an entire stadium with joy. They are also autistic. So I suppose that makes me an autism mom.

The boys’, whom we affectionately nicknamed Robot and Godzilla, were recently diagnosed with Autism along with a myriad of other diagnostic acronyms so I am very new at parenting and especially new at parenting two young children with special needs. I am just trying to find my way in this unexpected reality, blindly reaching out for a support net if I falter while I attempt to climb Mount Autism.

I will be staring down my demons and purging my emotions into this blog to try to find a therapeutic catharsis to release my pent-up feelings and have a safe place to ramble on about my family, friends, daily experiences and anything else under the sun that I feel the need to open up and get out of my pensive, overwhelmed and frazzled mind.

I hope you enjoy my ramblings and will stay a while and accompany me on this journey we are embarking upon.



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