Names & Privacy

All names used within this blog will be changed unless I have consent to use real names to protect the identities of the innocent and guilty alike.  Sometimes I say really stupid things so just to cover my ass I figured it is best to not reveal the identities of those being blogged about… Just in case.

More than anything, I want to protect the privacy of my family so my husband doesn’t get fired from his job if I happen to go on a tirade about his boss which is very likely and I want my kids’ protected so they have some anonymity so in the future they don’t have to worry about the embarrassing stories I share with you that might come back to haunt them. 🙂

So why am I calling my kids Robot and Godzilla? These are nicknames for the boys that were just randomly used based off their personalities they just kind of stuck. It is pretty safe to assume that Robot got his nickname from his obsession with… you got it! Robots! Everything is a robot to him. The road signs with pedestrians on them: Robots. The figures that designate the ladies and mens restroom: Robots. The Christmas Nutcracker, yes, he is also a Robot. He is really funny because of his tremendous imitative skills and his echolalia, he will walk around like a robot repeating “I am a Robot boy”… I have no clue what movie it came from but it is really stinkin’ cute.

Now Godzilla got his nickname for several reasons. First of all, for being so young, he is a big little dude. He is as big and tall as his older brother and they are 15 months apart in age. Other than his size, the nickname suits him so well because he is so destructive. Sometimes it purposeful and other times it is due to his sensory seeking being the crasher, basher, thrower, bumper and anything else that provides that heavy sensory input. Plus it is really adorable when he stomps around like Godzilla.

All other names used will either be completely random or have some endearing meaning behind it.


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